The Ruché of Castagnole Monferrato

From the origins to the DOCG

deco vite foglia 

Ruché is a Piedmontese red wine obtained from the homonymous native vine. Its production area is bounded by the D.O.C.G. in seven municipalities: in addition to Castagnole Monferrato, the neighboring towns of Montemagno, Grana, Portacomaro, Refrancore, Scurzolengo and Viarigi.

Its origins tell the stories of men and women who produce it and of a territory in which it has found the ideal characteristics to express itself at its best.

Although its historical information is not many, and its origins fade into legend, it is known that it was cultivated already in the Middle Ages in the Monferrato hills and in particular in the Castagnole area. Among the many hypotheses, the one that appears most shared traces its arrival to some French monks who began to cultivate this vine around the convent of San Rocco. Its name may derive from the name of this convent or from a dialect term.

For a long time it was a little known wine, at least until the middle of the last century. In 1964 the new parson of Castagnole, after having found this vine in the land assigned to the parish, began to vinify it. He appreciated it and supported its production, making it known in parish and local festivals. Very soon many local producers followed his example and Ruché became a significant resource for the territory, as evidenced by the recognition of D.O.C. occurred about twenty years later and the name D.O.C.G. of 2010.

Today twenty wine companies produce around 650,000 bottles a year. A niche wine, appreciated both in Italy and abroad.



Color: ruby red

Perfume: floral and spicy with hints of wild berries

Taste: dry, soft and persistent

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